Step 1: Carefully selected wood is cut to the correct length and new seeds are re-planted.

Step 2: Wood is loaded in the woods and brought directly to our yard.

Step 3: Once the wood is stacked in our yard, we peel the bark off using a Cundey peeler and then point and or split it on a large saw bench, then the wood is bundled and banded ready for the treatment plant.

Step 4: Wood is now transported to the Crown Estate Sawmill to be pressure treated. It is advised that the treatment process will prevent your post from rotting for a minium of 12 years. Our customers may choose between pressure treatment or pressure creosote (creosote is an additional charge, but the wood lasts longer and prevents horses eating it).

Creosote: (Creosote burns skin when in contact!!).

Step 5: Wood is now ready to be installed.

As you can see a lot of time and effort goes into selecting and producing top quality materials, we are confident you will never be disappointed with our products or our installation service, it truely is second to none.